3 Oct 2013

Race to keep crew as contracts expire

8:54 am on 3 October 2013

Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton says the team has just a few weeks to try to keep key crew members from being lured to other America's Cup syndicates.

The contracts for all those who worked on the America's Cup challenge expired three days ago.

Dalton told Morning Report some team members have already been approached by other syndicates but most remain very loyal to Team New Zealand and want to stay if they can.

He says it is vital a core crew of about 25 key people is retained.

"There's certain IT people, yachties, shore guys that you just cannot lose and the problem is it becomes a bit of a domino effect - you lose one and then you lose three because one takes another two with him," he says.

The Prime Minister has said the Government, which invested $36 million in the latest challenge, will consider contributing to the next race.

The Government will meet Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker this week to discuss possible funding for another challenge.