5 Oct 2013

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker gives valedictory speech

1:00 pm on 5 October 2013

Outgoing Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has praised the bravery of locals in his valedictory speech.

Mr Parker announced in July that he would not be seeking re-election, saying he was exhausted after six years in office; three of them since the first earthquake.

He says the job has been hard at times, but very rewarding.

Mr Parker says being mayor during the Canterbury quakes allowed him to see the way that ordinary people in extraordinary situations showed such incredible leadership.

"I will never forget those moments of bravery, those moments of courage and those moments of generosity."

Mr Parker also used his valedictory speech to acknowledge the hard work of Christchurch City Council's former chief executive Tony Marryatt.

Mr Marryatt resigned last month after taking responsibility for the council losing its accreditition for issuing building consents.

Mr Parker says many people see Mr Marryatt as someone who was unsuccessful at his job, and in his view that's unfair.

"Tony did an extraordinary job for this city. I think sometimes as a council we dropped him into situations that he may not have sought. He worked hard, he wasn't perfect - none among us are - but I can tell you that he worked extremely hard for this city."