8 Oct 2013

Rings fans will be able to bid on movie memorabilia

1:11 pm on 8 October 2013

Fans of Sir Peter Jackson's epic series, The Lord of the Rings are soon to have the opportunity to bid on rare movie memorabilia.

Props from the trilogy will be up for sale at a Beverly Hills auction house in December.

They include a pair of prosthetic hairy hobbit feet worn by one of the film's main characters, Samwise Gamgee, esimated to fetch up to $30,000.

Other highlights from Middle Earth include the sword of Frodo Baggins and a wizard staff belonging to Gandalf.

The auction house says the rare props come from the private collection of one collector, and is the second largest collection of The Lord of the Rings movie memorabilia, behind only Sir Peter's official archive of props.