9 Oct 2013

Developer says Chch consents changes will give confidence

11:21 am on 9 October 2013

The Council lost its accreditation earlier this year after failing to cope with a flood of applications as part of the region's earthquake rebuild.

Twenty managers face losing their jobs as part of a restructuring proposal.

The consultant brought in to fix the problem, Doug Martin, says there have been extensive one-on-one interviews and staff workshops about how to deal with the huge amount of applications.

Doug Martin says applications will be aggressively outsourced to some of the 18 other Councils which have offered to help with the demand.

A Christchurch developer says the city wants the council's consents department to become a 'crack unit' to clear thousands of building consent applications.

Crown Manager Doug Martin has announced myriad changes to the department, including the creation of 32 jobs to replace 20 positions being disestablished.

An entirely new hierarchy and reporting system has also been put in place.

Central city developer Ernest Duval says the job cuts were an obvious follow to Mr Martin's appointment and it appears he has taken no prisoners.

Mr Duval says if the changes are successful, they will give back some much-needed confidence to the business community and developers.