10 Oct 2013

Cancer kills child molester the night before sentence hearing

12:44 am on 10 October 2013

A child sex offender who was due to be sentenced on Thursday has died in hospital.

Douglas Peters, who had cancer, pleaded guilty in June to 10 charges relating to crimes against five victims, aged between five and 15, between 1978 and 1987.

The police say most of the abuse happened at the accused's Owairaka home, in his car, or at locations around Auckland connected to the sporting activities he took part in.

Peters was due to be sentenced on Thursday at the Auckland District Court.

The police say he died on Wednesday night in Waikato Hospital due to an illness.

Detective Grainne Scott said that even though Peters had died, the police were still encouraging people he may have offended against to contact them.

She said the police could offer access to services that may help them.