11 Oct 2013

Sacked council worker takes further court action

10:42 am on 11 October 2013

A Whangarei council worker sacked for nominating a mayoral candidate is taking further court action against the council.

Jan Walters lost her job as personal assistant to the chief executive when she signed nomination forms for a former mayor, Stan Semenoff.

A council inquiry found chief executive Mark Simpson could not be faulted for the disciplinary process leading up to the sacking of his Mrs Walters last month.

But Mrs Walters' lawyer, Andrew Holgate, says the report has heaped further injustice on his client and reached a public conclusion about her treatment without speaking to her.

She has already lodged a personal grievance, seeking compensation for wrongful dismissal and Mr Holgate is now asking the Employment Court to conduct a judicial review of the council's report, overturn it and award costs against the council.