12 Oct 2013

More Raetihi residents get water tanks

8:08 am on 12 October 2013

Ruapehu District Council says refilling the growing number of water tanks around Raetihi is a major challenge in keeping the township supplied with water.

The water supply in the small North Island town was shut off on 2 October, after it was contaminated by diesel leaked from a tank at the base of Turoa ski field.

The council says with reticulated drinking water not being available for some time, more and more people are hooking up water tanks to their homes.

It says it has three tankers working full-time delivering water around the township.

The council says it is servicing 67 water tanks and pods and seventeen new tanks were added to the network on Thursday and Friday.

It is advising Raetihi residents not to let their tank go almost dry before requesting a refill, as the council will not be able to respond right away.