13 Oct 2013

Police interview teenager about two separate sex attacks

9:06 pm on 13 October 2013

A teenager is being interviewed by Christchurch police about two separate sex attacks, including one on an 11-year-old girl.

Police say the girl was reportedly abducted from a park in the rural North Canterbury community of Loburn at about 9.30am on Sunday.

She was later found on a road by members of the public.

Police are also investigating the sexual violation of a 17-year-old near Pound Road in Christchurch late on Saturday night.

They believe the offender was known to the victim.

They say he was the driver of car which crashed after being chased by them in the Loburn area at about 11am on Sunday.

He suffered moderate injuries and is now being spoken to by the police.

Both victims have received medical treatment and are being supported by family.