21 Oct 2013

EQC says Cook Strait quakes to cost $50m

10:27 am on 21 October 2013

The Earthquake Commission expects the cost of the Cook Strait earthquakes in July to be about $50 million.

Monday is the final day for people to put in claims to the EQC for the July quakes.

Homeowners still have another month before the deadline for claims from the 6.6 magnitude quake in August.

The Earthquake Commission says the total number of claims it has received from both the North and the South Island is almost 11,000 and just under a third have been assessed.

At present, 384 claims have been settled.

Marlborough District Council's recovery manager, Dean Heiford, says those worst hit have been given priority.

Mr Heiford says the community has been very patient in helping EQC assess everyone in a timely fashion.