22 Oct 2013

Dog discovery sparks welfare code review

7:55 pm on 22 October 2013

Greyhound Racing New Zealand says it is reviewing its dog welfare code after three dogs were found partially cremated and unburied on a trainer's property.

General manager Jim Leach says the dogs were euthanised by a vet and no greyhound racing or animal welfare laws were broken, but the way in which the bodies were disposed of was sloppy and disrespectful.

Mr Leach says the organisation is investigating whether rules for body disposal should be set out in its welfare code.

He says the trainer, who is a board member, has stood down from his sub-committee roles and his future on the board will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr Leach advises people to get a vet to dispose of any animal bodies instead of attempting to do it themselves.