22 Oct 2013

Spelling error on Auckland Monopoly board

8:56 pm on 22 October 2013

The board game Monopoly's first Auckland edition has misspelled one of the city's most well-known streets.

Karangahape Road is missing the third letter "a" on the first batch of copies sent to New Zealand stores.

A Monopoly spokesperson says promoters were dismayed when they discovered the mistake, but the 5000 printed copies won't be recalled. She says the spelling mistake will be a quirky feature that will one day make them a collector's item.

The Sky Tower won the coveted Mayfair site on the board game and the Harbour Bridge was a close second.

More than 20 Auckland and greater Auckland landmarks were selected to replace the famous London streets from the original board after the public was invited to make suggestions via Facebook.

Chance cards include money for a family picnic at Auckland Domain or having to pay compensation to lost hikers in the Waitakere Ranges.

Winning a beauty contest is not an option in Auckland's community chest, but you can win a surfing competition at Piha or advance to Queen Street - and if you pass go you'll collect $200 million.

The game will be released on 1 November.