23 Oct 2013

Former officer says he intended to return police property

6:14 pm on 23 October 2013

A former detective says he was about to return police property, including a baton, when he was stopped by armed police at a cordon near his West Auckland home.

Jan Paul De Moor faces two charges of obstructing police and possessing a restricted weapon and gave evidence in his defence at the Waitakere District Court on Wednesday.

Mr De Moor told the court he was visited by a constable who demanded that he hand over his firearms and his licence, but he told the officer to go away.

The court was told he later left his home with a police baton hidden underneath the driver's seat and was stopped at a cordon of armed police.

Earlier, Senior Constable Kevin Morgan told the court he visited Mr De Moor's home last year to pick up his guns after Mr De Moor's firearms licence was revoked. He said Mr De Moor told him he was not going to give up his guns and slammed the door in his face.

Under cross-examination from Mr De Moor's lawyer, James Maddox, Mr Morgan said he could not recall whether he went inside Mr De Moor's house.

Mr Maddox told the court that if Mr Morgan did go inside, then he would have been acting unlawfully. Mr Morgan said he had to call for armed police back-up.

Mr De Moor resigned from the police after being charged with a serious assault at an Auckland nightclub.

Judge Judge Stephen O'Driscoll has reserved his decision, but earlier dismissed one charge of possessing police property.