29 Oct 2013

Graves of children desecrated

12:29 pm on 29 October 2013

A counsellor with an organisation that supports bereaved parents says damage caused by vandalism to graves in a Rotorua cemetery during the weekend looked like a tornado had rushed through the area.

Jennifer Anastasi is local co-ordinator for the organisation Sands which supports the parents of babies who have died and says about 50 gravesites in a children's section of the Sala Street Cemetery were damaged.

She says a number of affected families and community members spent time on Monday trying to clean up the affected sites.

Ms Anastasi says she spoke with about ten families whose children are buried at the cemetery, who were absolutely disgusted.

She says many of the wooden crosses had been broken and ripped out and pots had been smashed.

She says if bereaved parents want to get in contact about the desecration in the cemetery they can call Sands in Rotorua.