31 Oct 2013

New Brighton plans for life after quake

8:01 pm on 31 October 2013

Local community leaders and politicians are meeting in the Christchurch suburb of New Brighton to discuss a redesign of the quake-hit area.

A plan has been developed by the New Brighton Business and Land Owners Association that aims to rejuvenate local businesses and develop seaside attractions.

It features seaside hot pools and a new recreation centre, and aims to redevelop the suburb's traffic plan and street mall.

Association manager Paul Zaanen says there have been plenty of plans over the years that haven't made much difference, and he hopes this one will because of intense local consultation.

"We're making sure that private industry is going to be excited by the planning we're doing here."

Mr Zaanen says locals need some inspiration, given the severe quake damage in the area. He says the association's plan will help shape the city council's master plan for the suburb.

Eastern Christchurch is continuing to lose residents as many leave their red zoned homes and move to new subdivisions.

Prime Minister John Key visited the Prestons subdivision in the north-east of Christchurch on Thursday, where Leianne O'Brien and her family were the first to buy a section. They are still living in their red-zoned New Brighton home, but will move to Prestons early next year.

Ms O'Brien says in New Brighton, substantial road works and derelict buildings are a common sight, compared with new roads and infrastructure at the subdivision.

However, she says her family is not completely abandoning the east, as she still works there and her children go to school there.