5 Nov 2013

Over 100 same-sex couples married since law change

8:34 pm on 5 November 2013

Figures released on Tuesday reveal more than 100 same-sex couples have married in New Zealand since such unions became legal.

Statistics New Zealand says 117 marriages have taken place since the first one on 19 August through to the end of September with a fairly even split between female and male couples - 61 female, 56 male.

A third of those who tied the knot made a special trip to New Zealand in order to legally exchange vows.

Since the introduction of same-sex marriage, the number of civil unions has dropped from 53 in the 2012 September quarter to 33 for the same period this year.

During those three months, same-sex marriages made up about 6% of the total number of registered marriages. In the September quarter the total was 2798.

A third of the nuptials involved overseas residents; just 10% of opposite-sex marriages were by overseas couples.