5 Nov 2013

Law Society asks for continuation of Hall case

5:59 pm on 5 November 2013

The Law Society's Standards Committee has told a disciplinary tribunal that a case against lawyer Donna Hall should go ahead.

The case arose from an incident in which Ms Hall is accused of acting for more than one party in a land transaction.

The committee told the Wellington District Court that Ms Hall's actions were negligent or incompetent and brought the law profession into disrepute.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ms Hall's lawyer asked the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal to put a stop to the court action.

However, the committee's lawyer, Gary Turkington, said some of the delays in the case had been caused by Ms Hall.

Mr Turkington says there hadn't been any prejudice against Ms Hall in the way the committee presented its case and the charges against her were properly brought.

Donna Hall's lawyer Helen Cull, QC, told the tribunal the charge was laid under 2006 legislation, but the events complained of took place before that.

She said the Standards Committee now wishes to take action under the previous legislation, which would in effect mean Ms Hall faced a fresh charge.

Ms Cull said the tribunal should not hear the case on that basis as it would be oppressive and unreasonable for it to do so.

The tribunal will issue its decision on Wednesday morning on whether the disciplinary hearing should proceed.