7 Nov 2013

Flotilla to protest against deep-sea drilling

5:59 pm on 7 November 2013

A flotilla of seven boats will set sail in the next few days to protest against deep-sea drilling plans of oil giant Anadarko.

Purpose-built drill ship the Noble Bob Douglas is en route from Korea to off the coast of Taranaki and Raglan to what is known as the Romney prospect where it plans to drill in 1.5km of water sometime in November.

A group calling itself Oil Free Seas Flotilla says it will confront Anadarko's drilling ship. It says it opposes deep-sea drilling and new legislation which takes away individuals' rights to protest at sea.

A member, Anna Horne, says she will be sailing out in a boat, the Vega, that took part in protesting against French nuclear testing in the Pacific in the 1970s.

Ms Horne says nuclear testing in the Pacific wasn't right, nor is deep-sea oil drilling, and she will not be bullied into submission by big oil companies or dubious laws.