10 Nov 2013

Closure of web trap site being considered by police

9:54 am on 10 November 2013

Police are considering whether to shut down a privately run website that aims to entrap sex predators.

People running the site pose as underage girls to make contact with men on social networking sites.

They then post online the photos and details of men they say have suggested meeting with girls to have sex.

Police say they were made aware of the website in August by the lawyer of one of the men named on the site.

Detective Senior Sergeant John Michael of the Online Child Exploitation Agency says an administrator of the website has handed over the information gathered.

He says members of the public should not take such matters into their own hands.

A group opposing sexual violence says the website shows the police need to do more to stop the exploitation of women and girls.

Stop Demand founder Denise Ritchie questions if they have done enough to investigate the men featured on it.

Ms Ritchie hopes the police won't take the site down because it educates the public about the attitudes of some men towards underage girls.