13 Nov 2013

Lorde and Lydia make Time's teen list

10:44 pm on 13 November 2013

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde and professional golf player Lydia Ko are being hailed as two of the most influential teenagers in the world by Time magazine.

Lorde, whose song Royals still tops the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and Ko, the youngest golfer ever to win an LPGA tour event, share the stage with US president Barack Obama's daughter Malia and Canadian singer Justin Beiber.

Both Lorde and Ko are 16 years old.

Lorde, whose name is Ella Yelich O'Connor, appeared on the David Letterman show in New York this week. Her father, Vic O'Connor, says he is constantly surprised by her achievement.

"She would be quite influential to a range of people - from 13-year-olds up to 70-year-olds in the message that she's giving. I guess her lyrics are different to what's out there at the moment in the pop world."

Lydia Ko's coach Guy Wilson says she has more than earned the right to be considered one of the world's most influential teenagers.

In August, she defended her Canadian Open title. The victory made her the youngest player to win twice on the US LPGA Tour. In 2012 she became the youngest winner in LPGA Tour history at 15.

In October, Ko turned pro and was granted full membership of women's premier tour from the start of the 2014 season after the LPGA Tour waived the age limit clause.

She attends Pinehurst School in Auckland when she is not on a green. Principal Sherida Penman Walters says Lydia would be humble about the recognition.