18 Nov 2013

More than 12,000 claims from Cook Strait quakes

9:03 pm on 18 November 2013

More than 12,000 insurance claims have been made to the Earthquake Commission following the Cook Strait earthquakes in July and August this year.

EQC says almost 800 claims were made relating to the quake on 19 July, 5400 for the one on 21 July and 5800 for the shake on 16 August. It says the total value for the claims is $6.7 million.

The quakes were centred close to Seddon, and 34% of the claims came from the Marlborough district. Some 80% of the claims were for building damage.

Meanwhile, a research project this summer will have a closer look at how buildings in the capital coped with the quakes.

Ten structures including Wellington Hospital and the Thorndon bridge have for several years been wired with instruments to measure how much they move during a tremor.

The data is being analysed by University of Canterbury civil engineer Brendon Bradley, who says the information can be used to recreate how the building actually moved.

Dr Bradley says, for example, following quake a small crack may be apparent, but during the tremor it may have opened much wider and then closed.

He hopes the research can aid future building designs.