20 Nov 2013

IPCA asked to investigate corrupt officer

11:06 am on 20 November 2013

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has confirmed it was asked to investigate a corrupt senior constable who has admitted seeking sex for favours.

Gordon Meyer in the dock on Monday.

Gordon Meyer in the dock on Monday. Photo: RNZ

In the High Court in Christchurch on Monday, Gordon Meyer pleaded guilty to charges of corruption, bribery and sexual assault in relation to two women from whom he sought sexual favours in 2011.

The 45-year-old offered to waive charging a 23-year-old woman with drink-driving in exchange for a sexual favour. He also sexually assaulted an 18-year-old girl in his patrol car the same year. Meyer will be sentenced in December and has resigned from the force.

On Tuesday, the IPCA said a matter relating to Meyer was referred to it by police in October 2007.

But the authority said it can't reveal more about the investigation because the file has been archived and would take several days to retrieve. Police had said there was not enough evidence to do anything.

Police said they reviewed all aspects of operations and leadership at Christchurch South police station where Meyer worked after complaints against him were received.

They would not say what the investigation found, other than that it highlighted some issues and a number of remedial actions were taken.

Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls said the investigation remains open and it is highly possible that there are other cases involving Meyer, as sexual offending is generally under-reported. Police have set up a freephone number: 0800 22 33 70.