21 Nov 2013

Court orders accused fraudster to forfeit property

7:36 am on 21 November 2013

A man charged with posing as a dentist and an optometrist in a beneficiary fraud has lost his share in a building.

Sydney Phillip Thompson faces 17 charges, including 10 of obtaining $406,814, from Work and Income.

Police allege Mr Thompson registered with WINZ as a pre-approved optometrist and dentist and had friends apply for special needs grants and allowances to pay for the services.

Police applied to the court to have his assets seized before the criminal case is heard.

In the High Court in Auckland, Justice Gilbert has ruled that, on the balance of probilities, Mr Thompson did benefit from criminal activity.

He has ruled that his part share in a Papatoetoe unit be sold and the money sent to the Official Assignee.