21 Nov 2013

Portman's killer sexually abused young boys

8:08 pm on 21 November 2013

The man found guilty of murdering Hamilton woman Rae Portman has a history of assault and sexually abusing young boys.

Paraire Te Awa's previous convictions were revealed after a jury on Thursday found him guilty of the kidnap and murder of the pregnant 33-year-old.

Rae Portman.

Rae Portman. Photo: NZ POLICE

During the three-and-a-half week trial in the Auckland High Court, jurors heard how Ms Portman's kidnap was planned because of a $5000 drug debt that went wrong.

The jury was told Te Awa bound and gagged her, before forcing her into the boot of a car, driving for hours to a quiet industrial area of Hamilton where he then strangled her.

Ms Portman went missing in June 2012 and her body was found in a pit on a South Auckland farm three months later.

The jury also found another man, Dean Addison, guilty of kidnapping, and two drugs charges.

After the verdicts were read out, Justice Toogood told the court that Te Awa had served a lengthy prison sentence for sexually abusing boys under the age of 12, as well as another term for assault with a blunt instrument.

Rae Portman's former boyfriend Hayden Sharpe said the guilty verdicts meant a couple of "scumbags" had been taken off the streets.

Detective Inspector Mark Gutry, who led the investigation, said he had spoken to Ms Portman's family. "Rae's mum is numb, but really elated about what's happened here."

Te Awa and Addison will be sentenced on 5 February next year.