25 Nov 2013

Guy's father welcomes Macdonald parole decision

6:42 pm on 25 November 2013

The father of slain Feilding farmer Scott Guy is pleased the man found not guilty of his son's murder has again been denied parole on jail time for other crimes.

Ewen Macdonald was found not guilty last year of the murder of his brother-in-law, Scott Guy, but was jailed for five years last September for other offences.

Ewen Macdonald.

Ewen Macdonald. Photo: RNZ

They include include arson, vandalism, killing 19 calves, deer poaching, and deliberately spilling 16,000 litres of another farmer's milk.

Scott Guy's father, Bryan Guy, says he was apprehensive early on Monday about what the outcome would be, but believes Macdonald should serve the full five years.

The Parole Board made the announcement on Monday after a hearing at Christchurch Men's Prison.

Macdonald was found not guilty last year of the murder of his borther-in-law Scott Guy on 8 July, 2010, but was sentenced to prison for five years last September for the other offences.

Macdonald first appeared before the parole board in December, but was denied parole because it believed he still posed a risk to the community.

A psychiatric report said he displayed narcissistic traits and had an over-controlled personality which relied excessively on denial and repression to cope with and avoid anger.

Macdonald's next parole hearing is in November next year. He still has two years and four months to serve.

Lawyer Peter Coles said Macdonald understands parole is a privilege.

He stressed that the decision to decline parole was based only on his client's convictions and had nothing to do with the not guilty murder verdict.

Not welcome in Feilding

Mr Guy's father, Bryan Guy, told Morning Report on Monday that farmers in Feilding would not want to see him return because Macdonald told lies and has a revengeful nature.

Mr Guy said he will have to see Macdonald eventually because he is his grandchildren's father, but the family will not be actively seeking contact with him.