29 Nov 2013

Christchurch council approves intensive housing plan

8:49 am on 29 November 2013

Christchurch City Council has voted unanimously to support a plan to intensify housing in the city.

After half an hour of debate on Thursday morning councillors endorsed the Government's Land Use Recovery Plan, which will allow more housing to be built on existing plots in urban areas.

Last week, mayor Lianne Dalziel used a technical hitch to postpone the council vote because she wanted more time to discuss it with Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee and negotiate changes.

The council wanted to pare back the areas in the city intensive housing will be allowed in.

As a compromise, it has given the green light to new city-wide high-density social housing developments.

The plan will, for example, make it easier to turn one dwelling into two, and allow elderly and family units to be used by anyone.

The plan has still to be given approval by the Cabinet, which is expected before the end of the year.