28 Nov 2013

Council votes directors' fees to go to charity

9:05 pm on 28 November 2013

Christchurch City Councillors who act as directors for the council's holding company will have to give their fees to charity, following a vote.

Four councillors are appointed to sit on the board of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd each term and have previously received about $37,000 per year in addition to their main salary of about $90,000.

The 11 to 2 vote on Thursday morning means the fees will now go directly to the mayor's welfare fund.

Councillor Raf Manji says directors work about 170 hours a year which equates to more than $200 an hour.

Mr Manji says it is common practice for companies to appointment employees to sit on boards as part of their jobs and believes that the council should be no different.