2 Dec 2013

Final witnesses for Snowdon give evidence

8:39 pm on 2 December 2013

The final witnesses for the plaintiff have been heard in a long-running Employment Court case taken against Radio New Zealand by its former head of news.

Lynne Snowdon is challenging her dismissal by the public broadcaster in 2005, saying she was bullied by the company's then chief executive and set up for dismissal.

In 2003, Ms Snowdon went on sick leave and, when she failed to return to work, her employment was terminated in 2005.

Recruitment consultant Sandra Fanselow told the court in Wellington on Monday it is highly likely that Ms Snowdon's professional career as a senior manager or senior international journalist is over.

"If Lynn Snowdon applied for a job in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom or Europe, a recruitment consultant has a professional responsibility to check out previous employment history and Lynn Snowdon's litigation history against Radio New Zealand, the allegations made against her - even if disproved - and her health issues would go against her."

Ms Fanselow said Ms Snowdon's reputation has been damaged by allegations made against her by her former employers - including that she was incompetent and financially mismanaged the news division.

John Isles, a former Radio New Zealand board chair, described Ms Snowdon as a dedicated professional who raised the quality of news programmes and services. He said during his time on the board, she delivered on all she was asked to do.

"Ms Snowden is an intelligent, direct person. She was a dedicated professional in all respects who raised the quality of news programmes and services."

The defence opens its case on Tuesday.