3 Dec 2013

EQC home repair programme target slips

8:55 pm on 3 December 2013

Despite repairing more highly damaged houses than first expected, the Earthquake Commission says it will fall short of its 2013 completion target for the most damaged homes.

When it was launched in December 2011, the Canterbury home repair programme target for completing homes with over $50,000 in damage was June 2013.

This was later revised to December 2013 and was based on a projection of 4500 claims with over $50,000 damage.

EQC customer services general manager Bruce Emson says that on current completion rate, and taking account of the complexity involved in some of the most serious repairs, the target will not be met.

As at 1 November, there were 2654 houses with damage greater than $50,000 yet to have repairs begin. A further 8833 were complete and 5749 were underway, but not complete, at that date.

Mr Emson says the commission is disappointed it has failed to deliver for customers in this category.