5 Dec 2013

Man jailed over drugs hidden at airport

8:45 pm on 5 December 2013

A man who hid a stash of methamphetamine in a secure area at Auckland Airport has been jailed for four years.

Dinesh Manoharan, 36, was sentenced in the Wellington District Court on Thursday.

In December 2008, he returned from a trip to China with more than 200 grams of methamphetamine hidden on his body in 14 condoms.

When detained by customs in an interview room, he removed the drugs before he was searched and hid them in a ceiling cavity where they remained for four years.

Manoharan wrote a letter to the sentencing judge, Ian Mill, expressing remorse for his crime and his wish to be a better person.

Judge Mill said he did not believe Manoharan's claim that the drugs were all for his own use.

He ordered that the four-year jail term be added to an 11-year sentence Manoharan is serving for the aggravated robbery of a couple from Silverstream, near Wellington, in 2011.