7 Dec 2013

Gambling activities probed after big drugs bust

4:16 pm on 7 December 2013

Police are investigating gambling activities in Auckland in connection with this week's massive drugs bust in the city.

In a series of raids in Auckland and Waikato, 24 people were arrested and 330 kilograms of a drug used to make methamphetamine, or P, was found. About $120 million worth of drugs, property, luxury cars and cash was seized.

Police say some of those arrested are regular gamblers at SkyCity Casino.

Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess says they have received detailed information regarding the gambling activity and they will use any information gathered from the SkyCity casino as part of the campaign to recover assets connected with the offences.

Police are not saying any more for the moment, but in the past, casinos are known to have been used for the laundering of dishonestly acquired money.