10 Dec 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:03 am on 10 December 2013

Tuesday's headlines: Grave fears held for the safety of tennis coach in Hamilton; evicted tenants living in tent in Waltham Park in Christchurch; lifting of negative outlook for Dunedin City Council by Standard & Poors, applauded.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald is a special edition edited by Auckland Blues coach Sir John Kirwan. The wraparound features the word 'JAFA' with articles commissioned by Sir John dotted throughout the paper, including a piece by John Key.

A number of stories are translated into other languages and there's also a picture essay called ' the faces of Auckland'.

The actual front page of the paper features a photograph of a youthful Nelson Mandela in boxing gear during the 1950s.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times leads with the disappearance of Australian tennis coach Paul Arber while at a tournament in Hamilton. Police hold grave fears for the safety of Mr Arber, 38, who was last seen waking near Steele Park about 9pm on Saturday.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post reports on how a former outdoor guide traumatised by helping to recover the bodies of teenagers from the Mangatepopo Gorge tragedy in 2008 has lost his battle for ACC cover. Peter Zimmer told the paper he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident and left unable to work for two months.

In other news: chef Martin Bosley is pictured. His restaurant may be forced to move out of the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club in Wellington when its lease expires in March.

The Press

'What poverty looks like' is the headline in The Press. Nellie Hunt and her son Manawa are pictured near their tent in Waltham Park in Christchurch where they moved on Monday after being evicted from their rental home. The paper says 39 other people in Canterbury are in front of Ms Hunt in the queue for Housing New Zealand accommodation.

The paper also reports on a newly discovered group of wasps that have been named by Landcare scientists after characters in Tolkien books.


The Otago Daily Times says Dunedin City councillors burst into applause when it was confirmed part-way through a council meeting on Monday that Standard & Poors had lifted its negative outlook for the council.

Two Otago Regional Council directors have lost their jobs as part of the organisation's restructuring.

And a Kaka Point resident has told the paper he saw the men accused of involvement in a home invasion moments before a woman was assaulted.