13 Dec 2013

Killer denied parole again

6:08 am on 13 December 2013

An Auckland man who killed a pregnant teenager before burying her in a shallow grave has been denied parole.

Hayden Joseph Taylor was on bail for the kidnap and rape of Amanda Watt (who has waived anonymity) when he killed Nicola Rankin, 18, in 1996.

Ms Watt and Ms Rankin's mother, Carol Rankin, told the Parole Board earlier this week that he should not be released.

The board denied Taylor parole after seeing him on Thursday, saying he still poses an undue risk to the safety of the community.

Ms Rankin said she has been crying since she got the news. She says it is a relief he won't be released because she fears he is capable of reoffending and devastating other people's lives like he did hers.

Ms Watt said she is also incredibly relieved that Taylor won't be let out this year.

The Parole Board's full decision has not yet been released.