13 Dec 2013

Baby inquest told methampehtamine not a factor in death

4:36 pm on 13 December 2013

An inquest has been told methampehtamine did not contribute significantly to the death of a 27 day old baby despite it being found in his blood.

The baby, whose name is suppressed, died in April this year in Rotorua.

He had been sharing a bed with his 20-month-old brother and parents when his mother noticed he was pale, not breathing and cold to touch.

The inquest was told the bedroom where the family had been sleeping was reasonably hot and stuffy.

A forensic pathologist who performed the post-mortem said the toxicology report detected methamphetamine in very low concentrations and not in the liver, as well as caffeine, theobromine and cotinine.

He concluded that the cause of death was undetermined, but could not exclude positional or accidental asphyxia.