16 Dec 2013

Protesters plan to camp out

6:32 pm on 16 December 2013

Protesters are planning to camp out overnight outside the Christchurch office of Government-owned insurer Southern Response over a lack of progress resolving earthquake claims.

Protestors outside the Southern Response offices.

Protestors outside the Southern Response offices. Photo: RNZ

The protesters picketed the office on Monday, saying two weeks after their first protest little progress had been made.

Protest organiser and multi-sport athlete Steve Gurney said only about 5% of the group felt they were making progress and just a handful had had their claims settled.

"People buy insurance to take away the risk and give themselves peace of mind and Southern Response have done the exact opposite - they've given us hell," he said.

Southern Response chief executive Peter Rose spoke to the group late on Monday afternoon, and some protesters planned to spend the night outside the company's offices in an effort to make their point.