20 Dec 2013

Milner's son seeking $60,000

5:19 pm on 20 December 2013

The son of murderer Helen Milner has started civil court action against her seeking $60,000 for malicious prosecution.

Milner was found guilty on Thursday of the murder of her husband Philip Nisbet. She crushed up an antihistimine the 47-year-old was allergic to and put it in his food in May 2009.

It emerged that she was in jail throughout her trial for trying to pervert the course of justice at the expense of her son.

On Friday, Adam Kearns filed papers with the High Court in Christchurch, seeking compensation for the 16 days he spent in jail after Milner falsely accused him of sending malicious emails.

Mr Kearns was 18 at the time and police later discovered that texts were sent by Milner. She was jailed for two years and eight months and later denied parole.

The jury was unaware of the previous conviction during the trial. The 50-year-old will be sentenced on the murder charge in February next year.

Milner has also been convicted of fraud worth $29,000.