29 Dec 2013

Funding wanted for cycle trail upkeep

12:28 pm on 29 December 2013

Some of the organisations responsible for maintaining New Zealand cycle trails say the Government should do more to fund their upkeep.

Mountain biking through Craters of the Moon

Mountain biking through Craters of the Moon Photo: PHOTO NZ

The Government is spending $50 million on building the trails while councils and communities are providing another $30 million.

Bike Taupo said it has brought up the issue of funding the maintenance of the cycleways early on, but the Government has turned a deaf ear.

Track manager Pete Masters said the group has started charging an annual fee of $45 for riders to use other tracks in its area and part of that money will go toward maintaining the Great Lake Trail.

Roxburgh Gorge charitable trust chair Stephen Jeffrey said visitors there are being charged $25 to maintain the track. The trust would also like to see the Government put some money towards upkeep.

Associate Tourism Minister Chris Tremain could not be reached for comment.