23 Jan 2014

Container mall retailers want to stay

10:35 am on 23 January 2014

Retailers who have set up shop in Christchurch's container mall say because it is becoming a tourist attraction, it should remain in Cashel Street.

Christchurch's container mall.

Christchurch's container mall. Photo: RNZ

Developers hope to repossess the land now occupied by the renovated shipping containers, and build permanent structures there.

Many of the retailers' leases begin to expire in April, and the containers may have to be moved.

The seaside suburb of New Brighton has been suggested as a possible new home for the mall, but the retailers are not interested.

Clothing store worker Charlotte Garvin said the mall is rapidly becoming a visitor destination. She said the future is only going to get brighter as the city is rebuilt, and the retailers will not want to relocate.