27 Jan 2014

Morning Report: local papers

7:44 am on 27 January 2014

Monday's headlines: Power cut to lower Cuba street for five hours; Green Party to push for law change to decriminalise cannabis; 29kg fleece removed from merino sheep.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald has pictures taken from video footage of a dramatic crash being used in a new police road safety campaign. The paper says the campaign is under fire for unfairly accusing a truck driver of texting and causing the pile-up seen in the video.

The front page of the paper also has a picture of Lorde and singer Taylor Swift, taken at a pre-Grammy function.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times leads with the rescue of a woman who was found at the bottom of a Hamilton motel swimming pool. The paper says she had been at the Christian Parachute festival at Mystery creek, but is now fighting for her life in Waikato hospital.

In other news: the paper says the Green Party will push for a law change to decriminalise cannabis in any post-election discussions, but has said that the issue would not be a bottom line.

Dominion Post

'Fury at power cut muck-up' is the headline in The Dominion Post. Businesses are upset power was cut to lower Cuba street for five hours on Sunday. It says employees had to be sent home, customers turned away and cafes had to throw out food during the outage.

Meanwhile the paper reports on two young women who say they have been fired from their jobs at a Wellington fast food outlet via facebook.

The Press

The Press says Runanga couple Rick Durbridge and Joe Hall have lost the last of their four sons - all of them killed in tragic circumstances. Judd Hall died on Friday night when he was a passenger in a car that smashed into a house in Greymouth.

In other news: the paper has the story of Big Ben - a merino whose fleece weighed nearly 29kg when it was removed on Saturday. The paper says that's heavier than the fleece of Shrek - who made headlines back in 2004.


The Otago Daily Times says the crew of the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter flew in near-darkness on Friday night to save a man who lost part of an arm in an accident aboard a foreign fishing vessel.

The paper also reports on concerns voiced by a Waipori resident that Dunedin police did not respond to a 111 call reporting dozens of rifle shots early Sunday morning.