28 Jan 2014

Guilty plea in drug mule case

12:02 pm on 28 January 2014

A man who claims he was involved with a drug mule because of threats against his family, has pleaded guilty to a drugs charge.

Ifeanyi Akulue has admitted a charge of conspiracy to supply methamphetamine, a class A drug known as P, in February 2011.

He challenged the charges, saying he was forced into the drug deal after his cousin made threats against his family.

He took his appeal to the Supreme Court but it was turned down and he was ordered to stand trial.

In Auckland District Court on Monday, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply. Another charge of importing drugs will be dealt with at his sentencing.

While pleading for bail for Akulue, defence counsel, Lorraine Smith told the judge that Akulue was needed at home as his wife gave birth to their third child only two days ago.

Akulue was denied bail and will be sentenced in March.