7 Feb 2014

NZ man posing as prince loses appeal

4:55 pm on 7 February 2014

A Court of Appeal in Australia has refused an application by a New Zealand con-man who posed as a Tahitian prince to appeal against his 14-year sentence for fraud.

Joel Barlow.

Joel Barlow. Photo: AFP / Queensland police

Hohepa Hikairo Morehu-Barlow - known as Joel Barlow - was jailed in 2013 after pleading guilty to defrauding Queensland Health of $A16.7 million.

Barlow sought leave to appeal by claiming the sentencing judge wrongly gave too much weight to the amount of money he stole between 2007 and 2011, the ABC reports.

But the appeal court said in Brisbane on Friday that theft was a significant factor and it was also relevant that Barlow had prior dishonesty convictions in New Zealand.

Barlow spent the money on an extravagant lifestyle, a luxury apartment and motor vehicles.