14 Feb 2014

Killer van driver admits charges

9:46 pm on 14 February 2014

A man who crashed into a van on Maungatapu bridge, causing it to plunge into Tauranga harbour in August last year, has admitted to careless driving causing injury and death.

Van driver Gregory Woledge died, but his passenger managed to escape the submerged van.

Iain Crisp, 45, of Papamoa Beach also pleaded guilty on Friday in Tauranga District Court to making a false statement in a log book and to four drugs-related charges.

The summary of facts said Crisp had been working long hours before the crash and could not recollect crossing the centre line and colliding with the oncoming van.

An analysis of his blood after the crash detected cannabis.

He was remanded on bail for sentencing in April.

The crash site on Maungatapu Bridge.

The crash site on Maungatapu Bridge. Photo: RNZ