26 Feb 2014

Death threats for rally organiser

10:29 pm on 26 February 2014

A New Zealand woman living in Queensland says she is going to continue with a rally for New Zealanders struggling with restrictive Australian laws despite death threats made against her.

The group organising the rallies, Iwi n Aus, says Wednesday is the 13th anniversary of the first of two laws that have prevented most New Zealanders from gaining residency in Australia and restricts their right to state assistance.

Rallies are being in in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Adelaide and Perth.

Filipa Payne is co-ordinating the Queensland protest and says a man has rung her at home threatening her life and telling her to return home to New Zealand three times since 23 January this year.

Ms Payne said she feels she needs to see the rally through despite the risk that the man making the threats will be there.

In Melbourne, just 30 New Zealanders attended. Organiser Maria Kumar said few people seem to be aware of the way New Zealanders are treated in Australia.

"We did have questions around what we were marching for and them being not aware of what New Zealanders are experiencing - not having access to services here in Australia. And this is what the march is all about, it's an awareness day."

Protesters at the Melbourne rally.

Protesters at the Melbourne rally. Photo: GETTY IMAGES