28 Feb 2014

Killer's apology letter 'may as well burn'

9:05 pm on 28 February 2014

The family of a murdered man say they may as well burn the apology letter from one of his killers.

Lee McMurdo.

Lee McMurdo. Photo: SUPPLIED

Lee McMurdo's body was found battered and bruised in the backyard of his West Auckland home in 2011.

His killers, Andrew Parry Nicholson and John Grant Cuthers, were sentenced on Friday at the High Court in Auckland.

Justice Lang said Mr McMurdo was murdered because he owed money to the pair.

Outside court, Mr McMurdo's father, Bruce, questioned why an apology letter from Nicholson took two years to write and says it might as well be burnt.

"Killed my son and three hours later be playing a playstation, his playstation, in their house at Massey, three hours after they've left him dead, what does that show you? An animal doesn't even do that."

Nicholson must serve a minimum sentence of 15 years, while Cuthers will serve 13.