5 Mar 2014

Child protection orders dropped

1:12 pm on 5 March 2014

A move to stop high-risk child abusers from working or living with children is being removed from legislation on protecting vulnerable children.

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The Child Harm Prevention Orders would have been available to judges to stop child abusers from gaining access to children.

The orders could also have applied to any parent who had lost a child through serious abuse, permitting the removal of other babies born to them.

But the orders were criticised during the Select Committee process, with the Law Society saying it would set a worrying precedent for tagging a person with a stigma based on a lower civil law standard.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said submissions to the committee were carefully considered and other measures in the bill would achieve improved protection of children without the orders.

But Ms Bennett said she was reserving the right to revisit the need for such orders in the future.