6 Mar 2014

Price drop sees cheap mobile services

9:23 pm on 6 March 2014

A plunge in the price of mobile phone services means New Zealanders are now paying a lot less for the most common packages than in many other developed countries.

Plan prices have dropped between 25 and 70 percent over the last three years, a new study released by the Commerce Commission shows.

The rate in New Zealand for the most popular pre-pay bundle of $19 a month is 40 percent below the OECD average and similar to Australia's.

At the top end, however, where a plan offers 900 calls and 2 gigabytes of data, prices are stubbornly high at a fifth above the OECD average.

Standalone mobile broadband can be eye-wateringly expensive, with charges for high users 180 percent above Australia's.