13 Mar 2014

Nia Glassie's mother's parole revoked

4:29 pm on 13 March 2014

The Parole Board has done a U-turn and revoked the parole granted to the mother of murdered Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie.

Lisa Michelle Kuka is serving a nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of the three-year-old in 2007. Two brothers, Wiremu and Michael Curtis, were convicted of murder.

Kuka was granted parole in February and was due to be released in April this year.

In February, the Parole Board found she had completed a number of courses, and was working in the grounds of her prison. She had taken part in a release-to-work programme and had a suitable address and support in the community.

It also imposed some conditions such as requirements to undergo counselling and drug and alcohol treatment.

However, in a decision released to Radio New Zealand on Thursday, the board says it will not now release Kuka because of information received from the Department of Corrections.

The board and the department say that information will not be released.