13 Mar 2014

Corrections reveals job cuts plan

10:23 pm on 13 March 2014

The Department of Corrections has unveiled restructuring proposals that could cost 60 jobs.

The information was given to trade unions on Thursday afternoon.

Corrections says the proposed changes will improve productivity in head office and follow up on earlier reforms begun two years ago. It said there would be no changes to frontline staff or services.

The department said the 60 positions affected are in areas such as human resources, property, legal services and administration.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley said a lot more responsibility was put out to the districts a couple of years ago, and they have really stepped up to the mark.

"So now they're saying we need to have a look at our structure in head office. My understanding is that we're looking at largely backroom corporate-type support jobs and they're saying well, we've got far too many in head office."

Mrs Tolley says while 50 to 60 fulltime equivalent positions may go, that doesn't mean the same number of people will lose their jobs.

Staff and unions have been given the opportunity to comment on the proposal and a final decision will not be made for several weeks.