17 Mar 2014

Council, EQC in talks over flood work

9:54 pm on 17 March 2014

The Earthquake Commission is in discussion with the Christchurch City Council about dealing with flood protection work for earthquake-damaged land, rather than leaving it to individual property owners.

Under the Earthquake Commission Act, EQC is obliged to reinstate damaged land to its pre-quake condition.

Council land drainage operations manager Mike Gillooly said on Monday that the organisations are looking at areas where they might be able to collaborate on repair work, rather than returning it to that pre-earthquake condition.

He says that could include drainage, stop banks, pump stations and other structural upgrades to the likes of the Flockton basin, which was badly flooded last week.

Mr Gillooly says it is too early to say whether homeowners would lose their individual payouts for repairing such damage.