20 Mar 2014

Dotcom ex-bodyguard court ruling

12:52 pm on 20 March 2014

Kim Dotcom has successfully taken High Court action to stop a former bodyguard revealing details of his personal life and business.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Photo: AFP

In the High Court at Auckland on Thursday, Mr Dotcom successfully applied for an interim injunction against Wayne Tempero, who resigned last year as the internet businessman's bodyguard.

Justice Sarah Katz has ordered that Mr Tempero, or anyone else on his behalf, be restrained from disclosing any personal or business information about Mr Dotcom that he learnt while working for him.

That includes all business dealings, including Megaupload and Megastuff, the entrepreneur's political party, and music.

The injunction also prevents Mr Tempero from revealing information about Mr Dotcom's friends, family and past and future business acquaintances, and from disclosing computer software.