27 Mar 2014

Worst intersections revealed

6:05 am on 27 March 2014

The Transport Agency has named the 100 most riskiest intersections, with one in rural Auckland topping the list.

The intersections claimed 53 lives and accounted for 445 serious injuries between 2003 and 2012.

Top of the list is where Glenbrook Road meets Kingseat Road near Pukekohe.

Three people died in crashes, seven suffered serious injuries, and 40 had minor injuries there over the nine years.

A roundabout was put in place last year, and there have not since been any crashes reported.

Associate Minister for Transport Michael Woodhouse said overall, 22 of the dangerous intersections have already been improved and plans are underway for the rest.

State Highway One and Poihipi Road and State Highway One and Arrowsmith Avenue, both in Taupo, were the second and third most dangerous intersections.

Also in the top 10 is an intersection near Glenbrook where there have been two deaths since 2003.